February 17, 2006

gawd, valentine’s day is so cheesy

last night the boy and I went here:la fondoooh
for valentine’s day. yes, I know the hallmark holiday of love was tuesday. we went to dinner last night because the boy and I are so enamored with each other our celebration of love takes 2 days. or maybe it was because la fondue had a heinously overpriced menu on the 14th.

the 14th did not go unnoticed though. in addition to the walgreens I (heart) you bear that plays “love me tender” when you press its foot, the boy sent me tulips (my favorite) and gave me a gift certificate for a mud wrap at spa. I gave him cheese and rootbeer.

but last night was the gastronomical adventure. la fondue. we had the combination. starting with a yummy salad with lemon tarragon dressing. why they even serve salad, I do not know. neither did our server. you will never leave that place hungry.

after the salad came our appetizer of cheese fondue. we opted for the stinking rose. swiss cheese with wine and garlic. garlic. the gift that keeps on giving. I smell like gilroy right now. we dipped bread, potatoes, broccoli, apples, grapes, carrots, and garlic cloves into the melty pot of dairy deliciosity.


then came the meat. la romantique. raw filet, turkey, and shrimp. yes, you pay to cook your own food at la fondue. our preferred cooking method was punsch, which was spiced red wine with cloves and rosemary. we also had dipping sauces like teriyaki with wasabi, sour cream and chive somethingorother, bbq, mango, and horseradish.


just before the chocolate attack

the boy doesn’t like chocolate much. uh…didn’t like chocolate much. until the dessert fondue came. since I thought it was going to be all for me, I ordered milk chocolate with irish creme. to dip: marshmallows. apples. rice crispie treats. snicker bars. bananas. oranges. pineapple. cream cheese balls rolled in cinnamon. I was in full food coma while he continued to dip, his favorite being the cream cheese (wisconsin boy).

yum doesn’t cover the dessert fondue. @#$%ing yummy as @#$%.

after dinner we went home for hours of hot, passionate…sitting on the couch like puffalumps, both feeling like nicole ritchie must feel after she eats a potato chip.

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  • Schnozz says:

    Cream cheese should be its own food group. Then people would stop looking at me weird when I licked off the spoon. MMMMM. I love you, cream cheese. I just want to get some Fritos and dip them in a big vat of you …

    I have to go now.

  • moose says:

    I’ve always wanted to eat there. The vats of chocolate are calling me. I hear them. Let’s see 11:53 at night, they probably aren’t open right now. Damn.

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