February 14, 2006

a guy walks into subway at santana row…

(no that is not the beginning of a joke)

he’s wearing nice dress slacks and dress shirt. he’s carrying the skateboard he rode from his office. he chats it up with the sandwich artist and convinces her to add more bacon to his chicken ranch on itialian bread. she complies. no charge. they know him.

the cashier asks, “why the skateboard?”

the businessdude explains, “because by the time I get out to the car, hit all the lights, try and find a place to park…you know? this is quicker.”

nevermind that he’s in full business attire and looks like a neo-maxie zoom dweebie shredding down stevens creek blvd.

the cashier nods, as if to understand this logic.

the businessdude then begins to recount his weekend, “dude, I had such a wild weekend. me and (dude), and (dude)…we…”

I don’t recall their names and didn’t hear how or why it was so wild as I was ordering my own sandwich.

the cashier enjoys his story. he himself had a wild weekend.

the businessdude was apparently in the doghouse after his boyz night out, “yeah, my wife was pissed! but it’s ok because I gave her a big ole diamond ring this morning. gotta pay ’em off, you know?”

roominate on this yourself