January 17, 2006

comcastic! comcast dick!

the boy has an incredible tv. it’s got a 65-inch screen, has ear-bleeding surround sound and now, a new hd cable box and dvr. so of course we would watch 24 at his house, rather than on my puny 27-inch boob tube. jack bauer never looked better. explosions never more…well…explosive. blood splatters never more real (ok, I’ve never seen real blood splatters, but you get my point).

jack's backI won’t put any spoilers here for those of you needing to catch up on the 4-hour season premiere, but I will say this about the first scene of day 5:




last night the suspense cotinued where sunday night’s episodes left off, and just as we were beginning the fourth hour of jack’s effed up day, a screen popped up on the tv that said “recording has been lost.” kaput. gonzo. buh-bye. not only was the recording erased, but the dvr controls stopped working. we couldn’t rewind live tv, pause, nuthin’. there wasn’t even a sorry, or sad face, or any emotion in that cold, heartless “you’re screwed” message.


luckily, trusty tivo was in the other room. we quickly ran to see if our reliable old friend could help us. would he take us back, after we were so easily led astray by the shiny, new toy that just died on us?

tivo welcomed us with his happy blips and dings and led us to the continuation of our mind-blowing show. thank goodness the boy hadn’t removed his season pass yet.

oh tivo, how I love thee.

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