January 11, 2006

la la la

(pardon me while I get all lovey-dovey about my schmoopsie boopsie for a sec.)

today marks 5 months since the boy and I had our first date. and yes, I pay attention to that stuff, and no, I’m not afraid to admit it.

yesterday, my friend krissy commented (not for the first time) that she’s so happy to see me happy now. I asked her if I was sad before, and she assured me I wasn’t outwardly sad or not fun to be around, but there was a dark cloud hovering above me, weighing me down. it’s true. there was. a cloud. a dreary, heavy cloud. and now it’s gone. or maybe now I’m on top of it, and it’s now called cloud 9. ok, I’ll stop.

today his blog songs are lyle lovett’s cute as a bug, and brown-eyed girl by reel big fish (because he doesn’t have the van morrison version). here is why he picked cute as a bug. that’s really cute, huh?

you know what’s even cuter than that? he calls me mon petit fromage. in french, that means my little cheese. but what makes it the cutest is that he’s from wisconsin.

was this not enough cute for you? check out the cute overload blog. if you don’t find that stuff cute, you’re dead inside.

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