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January 11, 2006

de-lurking week

delurk no maswow…it’s already half over and I’ve missed out on days’ worth of comments. I just heard that it’s de-lurking week. so, you there. yes, I’m talkin’ to you. speak up, wouldjya? if you visit this blog regularly, lemme know. tell me who you are. you’re not pulling your weight. because see, right now, this is a one-way relationship. I write it and you get to read it. I’m doing all the work. I entertain, I make you laugh, make you sneer, make you scowl, make you throw up a little bit, and what do you do for me? nuthin’.

don’t worry about being witty, or intelligent, or profound. it doesn’t have to rhyme or incite my emotions. just say something. like hi. or like something. c’mon. you know you want to.

my goal here is to get as many comments on one post as I can. please, be a peach and help a girl out. invite your friends. call the neighbors.

by the way, if you want to say something negative, I should probably tell you that last week gee duh-bya signed a law, prohibiting posting annoying messages without disclosing your true identity.

see how useful this blog is? thank me for teaching you something new.

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