January 9, 2006

christmas parties: a comparison

sisterslast night I was my sister’s guest at her company christmas party. I couldn’t help but notice the differences between their celebration, and the one we had at my office. see for yourself:
mine: during lunch hour
hers: during off hours, on a sunday afternoon/evening (she’s in the restaurant biz)
mine: in our conference room
hers: in a small banquet room
mine: sushi that someone from our office had to go to a restaurant to pick up
hers: unlimited hors d’ouvres. since the venue had a kitchen, the buffet floweth over
mine: cans of soda (but we did have fresca, thank you kc!)
hers: full bar, with unlimited wine, beer, cocktails, and sodas (alas, no fresca. but her vending machine has it. mine? notsomuch.)
mine: raffle? what raffle?
hers: prizes included best buy gift cards, sony playstation 2, sony home theatre system, sony dvd player, motorola talkabouts, and a couple bottles of wine
mine: christmas music played on the pc in the conference room
hers: closing night performance of cirque du soleil’s, corteo.

a company christmas, or holiday (or whateverthehell they’ll let us call it) party is a chance for the large and in charge to show appreciation to their employees for the past year’s work. I think this comparison shows which sister had the better christmas party, and thus works for the more appreciative and generous boss. it also shows that I can be an ungrateful little beeyotch.
now if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to the copy room and do my job: standing around waving my arms so the motion-detected lights stay on and the important people’s copy monkeys can see their photocopies.

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