January 6, 2006

who’s your daddy?

last night I had a dream that I had a baby. not that I physically delivered a baby, but that I was mama to an adopted baby from a foreign country, and I had forgotten about it for months, or it arrived when I was out of town and my folks didn’t tell me about it or something. they were taking care of it for me while I neglected it, ignorantly going about my happy life. at some point they decided it was time I take care of my own kid so they handed him off to me.

in my dream, when I finally realized I had this child (a boy), I also realized I had no baby paraphernalia, like diapers, a crib, clothes…nothing. so during a visit with some friends, I asked if they could loan me some of their old stuff, since they had 2 boys who had outgrown their clothes. they kindly obliged and then snickered while I tried to change the kid’s diaper and couldn’t figure out which was the front, and which was the back.

oddly enough, I instantly bonded with this baby. he was 6 months old and could already talk (convenient, eh?). at one point he said “shutup,” so I had to discipline him, which it killed me to do. so rather than scold him, I told the little tyke that we don’t say “shutup” when other people are around, only when it’s the 2 of us. what a pushover I am.

the kid was huge, like the size of a 2-year old, and was difficult to carry. when I looked at his face, it looked digitized like that freaky dancing baby from ally mcbeal.but I still loved him because he was mine. my biggest problem was how would I explain the existence of this child to the boyfriend. I woke up before I tackled that one, so I guess I’ll never know how that conversation went. my guess is that he’d have dumped me for being so lame to forget I had a kid.

I would love a dream analysis of this one. does it mean I shirk my responsibilities? does it mean I shouldn’t have children? does it mean I’m forgetting something vitally important? what does it say about me?

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  • Kristin says:

    I believe this is an “omygod, my life is moving so fast!” dream. I had a similar dream before I got married, but with a small baby that I would stick in between my seat & console, because I didn’t have a car seat. The dream most likely stems from inner fears of, “Am I ready? Will I be good at this?” Normal feelings I hope…otherwise I’m just as crazy.

    There’s my dream analysis.

  • Ficklechick says:

    I think it means you need to stop eating “shrooms” before you go to sleep!

    What a weird dream!

  • Jenni says:

    I had dreams like this all the time, where suddenly I had a 6 month old, or 2 year old baby, without ever having been pregnant. Now, suddenly I’m the mother of a 3 year old and a 4 year old without ever having been pregnant! I’ll take credit for the international adoption flavor of your dearm. Perhaps an international adoption is in your future as well? 🙂

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