January 4, 2006

do I ask too much?

arrestedif you didn’t see monday night’s episode of arrested development, you may have missed your last chance to see the funniest emmy award-winning show that no one is watching. now it might be cancelled because of you.

the episode was about a charity benefit to pay for the legal fees for the bluth’s real estate business…a brilliant all-out plea to save the show from cancellation. it included all the tv show gimmicks: 3-d scenes, special guest stars, a “live” broadcast, and the death of one of the characters, just to get people to watch.

there are rumors that cable may pick up the show if fox decides to be an assface and kick it to the curb. here is how that possibility was portrayed in monday’s episode:

george: I don’t think the home builders organization is going to support us.
michael: yeah, the HBO is not going to want us. what are we going to do?
george: I think it’s show time.

if, by the grace of the fox gawds, this witty, intelligent show is not cancelled, pretty please will you watch it? for those of you who already do, thank you for doing your part. for those of you who don’t, well, I’m very disappointed in you. you may try to redeem yourself by putting a “” ribbon on your car, or purchasing an orange rubber bracelet. (note: these items don’t really exist.)

and yes, I do realize there are more important things in the world than saving a tv show, but in my little world, this is my cause du jour. just humor me, wouldya?

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  • Cindy says:

    I luv this show. Tivo picks up all the episodes, re-runs and all. If they cancel it I will kill someone. Hopefully it won’t be you.

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