December 16, 2005

thoughts at 5:12 a.m.

sloth cath: but it’s so early.
bootcamper cath: it’s just as early as it has been on the other days, and you’ve managed to go.

sloth cath: but it’s dark.
bootcamper cath: because of that, the moon looks awesome through the clouds right now. and traffic is light too.

sloth cath: but I want to go back to sleep.
bootcamper cath: think of how much more you can eat at today’s christmas holiday party, if you just get up and go.

sloth cath: but it’s cold out.
bootcamper cath: wisconsin is cold. this ain’t nuthin’. you’ll warm up once you get out there and get moving.

sloth cath: I did manage to go 3 days this week. that’s better than nothing.
bootcamper cath: yeah, and you already missed a day. besides, going 4 days is better than 3.

sloth cath: but I don’t want to go.
bootcamper cath: everytime you do go, you’re glad you went.

sloth cath: but we’re running today and I don’t know how much my arthritic feet can take.
bootcamper cath: how will you ever know if you don’t try?

sloth cath: I hate you.
bootcamper cath:
I know. now get your ass up and go to bootcamp.

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