December 14, 2005

my little man

jasperthis is my little man, jasper. see him smiling? he does that.

jasper started getting really skinny awhile back. he’s getting up there in years (13, I think), so I had him checked out at the vet, and they didn’t find anything medically wrong with him. I thought maybe he was depressed because of sibling rivalry with daphne. (do cats get depressed?) anyway, his spirit is great, he’s still cuddly and hyper and as affectionate as a dog. he even licks people.

he’s just scrawny. like nicole richie.

about a year ago, I started giving him special food to try to beef him up. but there hadn’t been much improvement, just additional weight loss.

until recently.

last night, the boy noticed that jasper’s collar was tight.

finally, my little man’s gaining some weight back. at first, I attributed his fattened neck to his diet of canned salmon and turkey, and that I must have cured his anorexia. I rule.

but really, I think having the boy around is what cured jasper.

and it saved him from near death by strangulation too.

roominate on this yourself