October 31, 2005

all hallows’ eve

we’re having a costume contest at work today. every year, try as we might, people around here just aren’t into it. I realize it’s partly a cultural thing, but people just don’t put the effort in to dress up. we even have emergency costumes for people to use, for those who are creatively challenged.

I, on the other hand, go sort of nuts. my virgo-ness (read: OCD or anal-retentiveness) really shines at halloween. my first good costume here was that of a wench. I borrowed all the stuff from the other kathye. no one here could figure out what I was, but most of the boys liked it. I wonder why?

the next year, I was the pillsbury doughboy, and I baked the break ’em and bake ’em cookies to pass around the office (a desperate bribe for votes).

another year, my group dressed as characters from dilbert. we had a pointy-haired boss, dilbert, wally, and I was dogbert. we even wore official-looking badges with our character’s name on them because most of the people at my work just didn’t get that one either.

last year, I ventured out on my own (forget the team-playing). the day before the contest, I went into the office and decorated my cube to recreate my bedroom circa 1986. duran duran posters covered my walls, and I even had my parent’s old panasonic (shameless plug) record player to spin disks from the 80s. I brought out my rubik’s cube and my atari 10-in-1 video game joystick thingamajig (not really 80s, but pretends to be), and I dressed in a way I never really did in the 80s.

this year I went solo again and opted for scary. my costume had fishnets with it, for the halloween party at cindy-lou’s but they suffered an unfortunate accident saturday night. everyone says my make-up looks good. maybe I should look like I just rose from a coffin more often (hey, I made a rhyme).

and here’s my political statement:
marry a republican? over my dead body…

happy halloween


October 30, 2005

mickey mouse noah

see? send me a picture of a cute kid in a halloween costume, and I put them on my blog.

this is noah. he’s (e)’s nephew, and I will meet him (and his new baby brother) at christmas.


if I could turn back time…oh, wait! I can!

today’s song, clocks, by coldplay serves as a public service announcement, reminding you to set your clocks back one hour.
but why do we do this on a sunday? it would be so much better on a monday, because if there is one day during the week when I could use an extra hour of sleep, it’s monday. try as I might, I simply cannot find the motivation to rise and start another week of work. I have no problem at all getting up at 7 am on a sunday, when it’s my time to spend–enjoying my coffee, catching up on reading, knitting, or playing with the cats (I live on the wild side). but rising early so I can go earn money to keep me housed, clothed, and fed? notsomuch.

one thing that confuses me though is the on/off switch for daylight savings. this is mainly a problem when I’m resetting a vcr (remember those?) or tv. I’m not a stupid person, but I don’t understand. are we on daylight savings time when it is lighter longer, and off of it when it’s dark earlier? and while we’re on the subject, who excused arizona from partaking of this semi-annual event?

here are 10 more songs appropriate for today:
time is on my side – the rolling stones
too much time on my hands – styx
time (clock of the heart) – culture club
praying for time – george michael
continents of time – eddie from ohio
seconds – u2
wasting my time – default
do you have a little time – dido
time has come today – chambers brothers
sour times – portisehead

oh no he di’int!

I can’t believe this. he told me he wanted to take a video of me. he said it was something special, just for us, but he posted it on the internet! I’m so embarrassed. don’t go here.

October 28, 2005

fun with yarn

as much as I love to knit, I’m pretty limited to scarves. as much as I admire the work that went into these, here are items I will never attempt:

a knitted version of the digestive system:

a knitted dna model:

aww…not all sharks are scary

look how cute this one is. this is julia, tracey and jeremy’s daughter. so cute!


send me pictures of your kids in costume, and I’ll make them famous on my blog. yeah, that’s what I said…famous!

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