July 5, 2005


bacchus, or dionysus, or whatever it is you “god of wine” are called I come to you begging for forgiveness. I know not what I did to upset you so, but apparently it was quite awful, given the punishment you inflicted on me saturday night.
I’ll admit that I over-indulged in your sweet nectars, but it was a three-day weekend, and I was celebrating the freedom of our glorious country. is that so wrong? it was all in the name of fun, but you squashed my festivities about halfway through the evening and the concert I attended.
did I take you for granted? was I too greedy with your blessings? I recall raising each glass in a toast, so irreverence cannot be to blame. I even had a designated driver (thank you!), so I was not a danger to myself or to those on the road. why you hatin’ on me, and causing me pain, suffering, and embarassment?
bacchus, I think it’s best if we spend some time apart. I am grounding myself from being with you until I forget how terrible you made me feel.

roominate on this yourself