July 1, 2005

civic duty

Do you remember the Trix Rabbit political campaign? Kids could order buttons from the Trix box that said to vote whether or not the Rabbit should be allowed to indulge in Trix, the only thing the cute white hare ever wanted in life.

Being the sweet child that I was, I ordered this one, and wore it proudly.

As a young, impressionable child, I easily fell victim (read: sucker) to marketing ploys of large corporations.

(Dang, speaking of victim, did I set my TiVo to record Law & Order SVU? I was so busy putting iTunes onto my iPod this morning as I drank my Starbucks grande triple-shot extra hot no foam soy latte, that I think I forgot!)

Anyway, at least I grew out of that crazy phase and stopped falling for every gimmick out there.

roominate on this yourself