March 26, 2006

Who’s Catheroo?

Hi. My dear friend Patty coined my nickname back in the mid-80s and it stuck. People also call me Cath, Cackie, and one of my friends calls me Roo (full name being Roo Diggity).

I’m a single married, thirty-something California native living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Except for a 2 1/2-year stint in Kentucky, I’ve lived in the same city my entire life. California is a great place to live, despite the outrageous housing prices.

My apartment is inhabited by me, my husband and two one cats.

I have a wonderful boyfriend husband. Without getting too sickeningly mushy, I am very fortunate to have found him. His name is Matte. With an e. Because he likes to be different, and that’s just one of his many traits I find adorable. Anything technical on this blog is courtesy of him, but I am trying to learn this html, php, css stuff.

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  • crazy cat lady. hee hee.

  • Cat Mejia says:

    I saw all you pics on Flickr, they were really amazing. I enjoyed watching each one of them.
    I am from Colombia and i was looking for a nice cat picture, yours are absolutely adorable.
    Congratulations, you are a very good photographer.

  • mcgee says:

    hi! stacy from jurgen nation and i were chatting about local bloggers in the bay area and she mentioned your site. LOVE! still navigating my way around so don’t be surprised if you see in your stats that some weirdo from SF was on your blog for like 3 hours. when she was supposed to be working instead. ha.

    anyway, i just wanted to introduce myself and belated congratulations on your wedding. =)

    p.s. sorry for the long ass comment

  • Dad E says:

    You’re not single. {:-)

  • Catherine says:

    My freshman high school guidance counselor called me Catheroo! I couldn’t believe it when I saw your name like that on Neil’s blog.

  • Yvonne says:

    Hi I saw the halloween picture of the Dilbert gang and was wondering if you could tell me where he got the pointy haireed boss head peice. I would LOVE to get one for my boss and would really appreciate it!


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