January 22, 2007

Back where it belongs


My engagement ring is back on my finger. For two weeks, it was not. I left it in Wisconsin. No, I’m not a forgetful idiot, I left it there on purpose so that a jeweler there could design a wedding band to go with it. But last week, we got it back, along with a wax version of a possible band design.

While my finger was naked, I was more focused in general, not having the shiny thing to distract me. But I missed the constant reminder of what it symbolizes because when I look at it, the “oooh! sparkly!” reaction is instantly replaced by a sense of calm.

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December 3, 2006

My future husband


November 1, 2006

Goin’ to the chapel…er…winery…

wedding homepage graphic

Matte, my fiance (still trying to remember to call him that) is making us a wedding web site. Who says grooms don’t get involved in wedding planning? This is one of the photos Jeff and Jenni took of us at Disney World and I think it’s my favorite one of us ever. I love it because it perfectly captures how happy we are at that moment. I think the only time I will possibly be happier is on May 25, 2007, the day I marry my Prince Charming.

By the way, on the back of the prince’s shirt? It says </GEEK> of course. Must remember to close your html tags.

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