August 19, 2009

Please don’t call BPS* on me

I know I’ve been neglecting my humble little blog here, but when one wakes at 5, works out from 6-7, gets to work by 8:30 (on a good day), gets home at 7 pm and then goes to bed at 9, all while taking writing class at UCLA Extension, when does one have time to blog?

The good news is that the 10-week challenge is going well and will be over on August 29 when I can return to a more social schedule. I’ll still be doing Bootcamp but I won’t be as militant about it and I won’t be spending so much spare time prepping food every night – what a lot of work!

So if you’re still out there, stay tuned. I’ll be posting a story I wrote for my writing class soon – a personal essay. It’s really long, so I’ll warn y’all ahead of time.

Until then please enjoy this photo of Desmond that I took with my iPhone.

*Blog Protectve Services