April 9, 2009

Am I getting used to this?

This morning when I woke up I was not sore at all. After three days of the 30-Day Shred, I felt fine. And I feel fine now, after the fourth workout this morning. That does not mean it’s an easy workout. I still grunt and groan and sweat like a piece of cheddar cheese in a Bikram yoga class, but I AM NOT SORE.

I am so very much not sore that I even considered trying Jillian’s The Biggest Loser counterpart’s yoga video tonight. Trainer Bob has former contestants (a few of them winners) as his “class.” I popped the DVD in and watched it to see what it was like. And then I sat there, transfixed, just watching. I watched yoga. For one hour. I did not get up from the couch to join in because I was in heavy food coma like I have not experienced in months. I think my turkey burger on whole wheat and flax English muffin did me in. That, and I had a glass of milk with dinner. If you are a person (like I used to be and sometimes still am) who can’t keep from snacking after dinner, drink milk with your meal. It will stuff you. Or maybe it’s just me because I drink practically nothing but water all day. Still though, I get so full when I have milk, which is good. It keeps the munchies at bay, and me a happier person on weigh-in days.

Another trick I have is rather than watch TV at night, I read. I can’t really read and eat at the same time. For one thing, I lose my place in the book when I reach into the bag, or box, or bowl to get whatever it is I am eating. Plus, I don’t want to get food all over my book. If the book is really good, I can become so engrossed that I lose all track of time and all of a sudden, it’s time for bed. AND I MADE IT A WHOLE EVENING WITHOUT SNACKING. That’s the best, Jerry!

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  • Alison says:

    OK, really? Because I should try it. The shred, I mean. I do okay with the not snacking, most of the time. But I’m really bad about exercising. I tried Pure Barre last year and the workout almost killed me. My abs were sore for a WEEK.

  • Saj says:

    I’m not so sore, either! And the crappy squat/overhead press exercise is getting a little easier (it still sucks!). And yesterday I was able to run for 30 minutes on the treadmill-a feat I haven’t accomplished in many a day. Let’s keep it up!

    Oh, and the snacking thing-awesome! I’m working on it!

  • sizzle says:

    I’m like that with the reading/eating. Smart thinking!

  • Krissy says:

    I think another reason reading keeps you away from ideas of snacking is because there aren’t any Dairy Queen, KFC, Dominos and McDonald’s commercials to start your cravings. 🙂

    And my shred-it video is on its way!

  • Jenni says:

    The reading this is a great idea! Another thing you could try is knitting while watching TV. I do that almost every night, and not only are my hands and mind occupied, but I feel like I’m being productive!

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