March 30, 2009

Sorry, Bay Area

This morning, I was thinking about what to shoot for today’s 7 Days shot. I came up with bupkiss (or is it bubkiss?). Making or eating my breakfast? Been there, done that. Drying my hair? That’s so 2007. Nothing exciting is happening today. It’s Monday for Pete’s sake.

But then. Around 10:40 this morning. An earthquake hit. It was small, just 4.4 or so, but felt big. Because really, when you’re not accustomed to the earth moving under your feet (or chair in my case) any jolt feels big. No one was hurt; nothing was damaged. But my heart raced for about 30 minutes afterward.

The best part was that I finally had an idea for today’s photo. Duck and cover!
7 Days: 3 - EARTHQUAKE!!

Sorry about that tremor this morning, my fellow Bay Area peeps. But I really needed an idea for my photo, so Mother Nature helped me out. Plus, after the gorgeous weekend we had, it was payback. Like rent. Or an earthquake tax. “You want sunny, warm days? Sure. But I’m gonna shake things up a bit to make you appreciate this weather.”

We do appreciate it, Mom! We do!

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