March 8, 2009

Grace in Small Things Part 40 of 365

  1. Milk. It does a body good.
  2. Milkshakes from Peninsula Creamery. They do not do a body good, but they do bring all the boys to the yard. Damn right. They’re better than yours.
  3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Fantastic book. Five hundred fifty pages, but who’s counting? I have had unbelievably good luck with the books I’ve chosen lately, Except On Chesil Beach. Don’t read it. If you have to read a book related to your astrological sign and you’re a Virgo, might I suggest The Virgin Suicides? The aforementioned beach book is crap. At least it was short, so the torture didn’t last too long.
  4. Looking forward to my commute home tomorrow while the sun is still out
  5. People walking their dogs along University Avenue in Palo Alto.

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