February 19, 2009

Grace in Small Things Part 25 of 365

  1. Realizing that the reason LOST seemed so short last night is because we were overzealous with the remote during commercials and fast-forwarded through about 15 minutes of the show. Duh.
  2. Diet 7UP for an upset stomach
  3. Kittehs who act like nurses for a split second, but then decide to just nap next to me
  4. Mooching books
  5. Photoshop actions from Pioneer Woman

2 people have roominated about “Grace in Small Things Part 25 of 365”

  • Tobie says:

    You like book mooch? None of the books I ever wanted were available. I’ve had much better luck with A little too much luck, there are books stashed all over my house!

  • Sandi says:

    And every 15 minutes of Lost feels like an hour! No way can you keep up if you miss even a minute! We record something right after Lost so the Tivo always misses the last minute. After we’re done watching, we head to the computer for the streaming video to watch the end of the show. Sort of a pain, but well worth it.

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