January 25, 2009

Grace in Small Things Part 1 of 365

My Google Reader has become populated with posts called Grace in Small Things. Each time I read someone’s list, I think, “I should sign up to do that.” But I never do. Until now.

Lately my blogging has gotten incredibly lazy, so I have decided to join in the Grace. I’m hoping that I can stick with it for an entire year so every day, for the next 364, I am going to post a list of five things that have graced my life, either on the day I write the list, or in my life in general. To read more about why Schmutzie began this endeavor to make us all appreciate the good stuff in our lives , go here. If you’d like to sign up and join me, go here.

  1. Being married to someone who says sweet things that no one has ever said to me before
  2. Getting on the scale and seeing realizing I am back on the weight loss track.
  3. Being able to use our grill year-round, despite the season.
  4. Rainy Sundays with hours of shows on the DVR
  5. My Photoshop class. It’s renewing my passion for photography and I’m learning some nifty new tricks.

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