August 5, 2008


I forgot to write a post yesterday for NaBloPoMo. And after I told y’all that this month would be eventful. Well, yesterday wasn’t, so I was not inspired. Not inspired at all. Instead, I went grocery shopping. Because I live on the edge.

Oh, and this grocery store was a big, newly upgraded supermarket. I went there rather than Trader Joe’s because I needed some things that TJ’s does not carry (tampons, Country Crock, rotisserie chickens). But said grocery store was out of things. Normal things that every grocery store has. For example, romaine lettuce. ROMAINE LETTUCE? Come ON! Also, they did not have any cilantro (the horror) or Coca Cola products in 2-liter bottles. Fine, I’ll give them the last one because there was a deep discount on the 2-liter bottles so they merely sold out. But to not have ANY romaine lettuce or cilantro? Joe, my favorite Trader, always has cilantro and romaine lettuce.

Wow. Even I am bored with this post. Shall I tell you about the load of laundry I am doing right now? I’m washing darks. Jeans, black clothes, Matte’s underwear.

I lead a fascinating life, I tell you. So fascinating it cannot be put into words, as is apparent from this post.

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  • Saj says:

    I usually think you and Matte lead such glamorous lives, that my piddly days seem very boring. It’s refreshing to know that you do have days where you’re not traipsing off to Lyle Lovett concerts, or wine tastings at some mountain-side winery!
    Of course, when I’m there, there will be nothing boring about our days! 🙂

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