April 29, 2008

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Cats ‘n’ Racks

Our cats are now allowed to sleep in our room with us. This was something I thought I’d never see, when I married a man allergic to cats. But apparently said cat allergy has disappeared because Matte’s had no red, watery eyes as a result of our new bedmates. The sneezing is all me though. Damn pollen.

Last night, we were kind of wound up, having just been to Felton to see Peter Mulvey strum his guitar, sing songs, and tell his incredible stories. It was late when we finally got to bed, and I wanted to sleep, but I just wasn’t tired yet. Neither were Desmond and Daphne – particularly Desmond, since he’s a mere 5 months old. Bedtime = playtime! YAY! Because this whole “you’re-allowed-in-the-bedroom-now” is still a new experience for both of the kittehs, Daphne still thinks she’s not supposed to be in the room, and acts like we’re going to squirt her with the Scary Water Bottle every time we make eye contact with her. But Desmond, afraid of nothing, is still finding new places to explore and climb, many of which elicit “NO!” and “Get out of there!” and expletives from us.

So there we were, reading our respective bedtime stories (Matte with his Money Magazine, and I with my Women’s Health) when Desmond suddenly decided he wanted to be on the window sill to watch all the muffler-less hoopdies race down our street (as they are wont to do until the wee hours). But the window sill, see…it is rather narrow and does not allow for jumping on. The enterprising kitten that he is, Desmond found something wider he could jump onto and climb over it to reach his ultimate destination. What did he find, you ask? Our completely unsturdy clothes dryer. You know the ones.

We watched as Desmond launched himself from the floor, onto Matte’s cargo shorts that were lying atop the rack. Desmond’s front paws grasped the rod, and he attempted to hoist himself with his superhumancat upper body strength. Oh, he was so determined to get up there! Only, the rack (did I mention it is unstable?) ever so slowly began to fall in an attempt to repel the kitteh. And in sooper…dooper…sloooow…motion…with Desmond clinging to it with all his might, the rack descended to the floor, giving Desmond a surprise lesson in gravity. (Remember folks, it’s the law*.)

Then there was a THUMP! of small kitten hitting ground, and the crash of small wood slats and vinyl rods collapsing onto themselves. Desmond quickly exited the room to escape the Evil Monster Clothing Rack and took refuge around the corner from our bedroom door, eyes wide, tail puffed.

Matte and I were in complete hysterics. I’m sure the neighbors thought we were gettin’ busy, with the headboard pounding the wall from our shakes of laughter. Even now, just writing about it, I giggle.

*Physics joke from Matte.

April 25, 2008

I got nuthin’


That’s how I feel about blogging lately. i just don’t have much to say.

No, I do have much to say, but I don’t want to announce it to the blogosphere just yet. These are good things. Good things that are keeping me very busy. In a good way. I’m gettin’ ‘er done over here, but other things are not receiving my full attention.

My 30 Tiny Moments project has fallen by the wayside. I was supposed to take a photo of a moment in my day for 30 days in a row. I lasted barely a week (and those photos were not taken every day either). Could it be that my tiny moments are so tiny, they do not warrant photographic evidence? I hope not!

Awhile back a few of my blogging friends quit blogging for awhile, or forever. I’m not quitting, nay nay. I just need to get my creative juices flowing again so I can write something. Or photograph something. I have been too busy lately and can’t seem to get my head on straight enough to create anything but piles of laundry.

Maybe I need a vacation. A retreat. To a place where I am not distracted by obligations (like work). The last time I felt that, I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon. Complete and utter relaxation. Stress-free living for 10 whole days. There is something in that Hawaiian air and I’d like to have a dose of that again, please.

I need a kick in the pants to wake up the creative side of my mind.

Anyone know how to do that, without the use of mind-altering drugs? If you suggest Hawaii, please be prepared to send me 2 airline tickets.

April 19, 2008

In case you were wondering


April 16, 2008

Every day I see this sign

…and the other day I stopped to finally take a photo of it.
...and there's a pool!

April 15, 2008

Lovely day for a bike ride

30 Tiny Moments #10: Pink bikes

April 12, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

Wow. Thank you so much for the awesome support for my dad yesterday. Combined with the kick-assedness of his surgeon, the operation was a complete success. The surgeon was able to remove ALL of the tumor. Prior to his surgery, we all thought that the surgeon would find the cancer had spread all over, and there would be nothing he could do. Even the surgeon gave us little hope. We were all thrilled to learn how well the surgery went. I could have cried.

I got to see my dad real quick in recovery last night around 7:30, and he was in a lot of pain and feeling nauseated. But he still had time to tell me to “Be good,” and throw in a joke or two.

This morning I called my mom to see if she’d called the hospital for an update and she told me that my dad called her. And he was doing great. Today he was sitting up in a chair and tomorrow they plan to get him up and about walking ALREADY. I’m going to visit him tomorrow and will tell him of all the support he got from people he’s never met. The internet is a beautiful thing. Thank you, thank you.

Next, after he’s completely recovered, he’ll begin more chemo and possibly radiation. This will suck. But for now, I am focusing on how incredibly he did in surgery. He has a great spirit and wants to kick cancer’s ass as much as I want him to. Also, I think cancer should be scared shitless of my dad, because it keeps trying to beat him down and he just kills it. I think it’s running away with its tail between its legs, right about now.

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