December 11, 2007

The airing of (workplace) grievances

In honor of Festivus, I hereby present my very own airing of (workplace) grievances:

  • Popping your gum so loudly I can hear it from four cubicles away.
  • Nail clipping in your cubicle. I mean, come ON!
  • Using the word “right” used when it doesn’t belong. (“I left him a message, right? And he never called me back, right? And I’m still playing phone tag with him, right?”) It has reached epidemic proportions at my company.
  • Lack of articles before nouns (“customer wants a meeting tomorrow”). Unless someone has the extreme misfortune to have the first name “Customer,” use a freaking article when referring to them.
  • Making phone calls using your speaker phone, in your cubicle. Unless you are performing a bris or something, pick up the damn receiver.
  • Discussions that take place between two cubicles, when my cubicle separates the two cubicles housing the people having the discussion.
  • Cubicles. Suck.
  • Reheated fish in the microwave. Just…EW.
  • Singing in the stall in the restroom. Really? Singing? Are you just so happy to be evacuating your bladder that you cannot contain yourself? At least you’re not singing about the actual act. I guess I should cut you a break.
  • Also? People who answer the phone while in the stall. Every time someone does that, I flush. Even if I don’t have to at the time. Because folks on the other end of the line need to know that they are talking to someone while they are sitting on the commode.

So, in the spirit of all things Festivus, please air your own grievances (workplace or other) in the comments.

Next up, Feats of Strength!

3 people have roominated about “The airing of (workplace) grievances”

  • Miriam D says:


    My workplace grievance? My office is the size of a closet. With no windows. I share it with two other people, and five filing cabinets. When my officemates answer the phone? I can hear everything. EVERYTHING.

  • Sandi says:

    – Someone standing in my doorway while I’m on the phone waiting for me to get off and listening in to the conversation.
    – People who say “quick question” which invariably means it will be a long, drawn-out issue
    – People saying “I e-mailed you” or “I left you a message” with a why-didn’t-you-get-back-to-me-immediately tone of voice.
    But my biggest workplace grievance is that I still have 51 days left to work here!!

  • Sister says:

    My grievances are very different from the usual:
    – When someone walks by me when I’m baking and says “mmmm, that sure smells good! If you need any taste testers, let me know.” Ya, if I gave everyone who said that some sort of sweet, I would have no desserts for service.
    -When I ask someone to reach something that is too high for me to reach and they imitate me trying my hardest to reach it. Good one! I have never seen that before!
    -When a cook comes over to the pastry area where the public can’t see him gnawing on a pork bone. What makes him think that WE want to see that?
    -Dirty chef pants
    -Sharing a bathroom with men. Oh, the joy!
    -Having a staff meal prepared daily, and rarely knowing what the hell it is.
    -Other stuff, too.

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