November 13, 2007

Uhm, can I see what’s behind Door #2 please, Bob?

Those of you who know me personally know that I do not wear shorts. If you have seen me in shorts, it was by accident. I have been to Vegas in July and I didn’t bring shorts. DisneyWorld in late summer? No shorts. I wore them in a race once, but on race day I was the fittest I’d ever been. That lasted one day, until I drank a celebratory keg of beer and bucket of fries. On my honeymoon in Hawaii, I wore shorts because well, I was delirious with the joy of being a newlywed and I wore them in the kayak we rented because a skirt would have been lame. There is no photographic evidence of this short-wearing excursion.

Tonight, at our TNT workout, one of the captains hosted a drawing. All I had to do was bring a printout of my fund raising web page, and I was entered into the contest, to be held after we sweated buckets and pushed our bodies to the limit. Sweet!

At last, it was time for the drawing! (The suspens eis killing you, isn’t it?)

She announced the Third Prize winner, who wasn’t me. They received a TNT water bottle filled with goodies.

The Second Prize winner, who also wasn’t me, won a TNT towel and other goodies.

When she called the name for the Grand Prize (drumroll, please!) it was MY NAME! She called ME! I won! OMG! I won!

A pair of TNT shorts.

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  • wi says:

    congratulations! wow! lucky you!
    now for the bad news. there is photographic evidence of your use of shorts. will you now remove that happy photo of you and matte in the kayak in your honeymoon set? please don’t. you both look wonderful,and to see matte in a pair of shorts is also a rare ocurrence for his family. besides, i have copied the photo for posterity.

  • mere says:

    Dooood. That would be my luck, too. I lived a summer in New Orleans – no shorts. A personal trainer made me wear shorts – SPANDEX shorts – but I was fairly fit at the time (even when fit I have the ugliest knees ever) but I would not leave his garage without putting pants on.

  • Em says:

    I won’t ask why you don’t wear shorts ever. I assume you have your reasons. However, it seems that karma has decided to thumb its nose at your reasons by giving you a brand new pair of shorts.

    Hey, at least you can say you won!

  • I also belong to the never-wear-shorts crowd. So I totally appreciate that. However, it is some kind of perverted karma that would allow you to actually win a pair of them! Love it.

  • Denise says:

    girlfriend, weren’t you wearing shorts in Daphne’s famous video?

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