November 9, 2007

Hey! Guess what!

Uhm, nothing.

But that reminds me of when I was little, and my sister and I were supposed to be sleeping. Almost every night we’d play this game:

I’d say, “Guess what!”
She’d say, “What?”
And I’d say, “That’s what.”

And we’d laugh hysterically.

Sometimes instead of “that’s what,” I’d answer “Mrs. Freeman.” She was my kindergarten teacher. The first time I answered with that, it was hilarious. And the 50th time I did it, it was still hilarious.

Yeah, we were sort of easily entertained.

Need more evidence?

One of our favorite things to do was to push feet. We’d sit facing each other, with our legs in a V and push each other’s feet. Fun times.

Sometimes when we were bored, one of us would suggest, “Wanna push backs?” And we would sit back-to-back and try to move one another with our strength. It was much easier when you had the wall to use for leverage, because then you could lift yourself up and lean back as far as possible, folding your opponent under your weight.

That’s my sister, the sweet little child who used to torture me with her fingernails.

We were such docile children, my sister and I. Except when we fought. Since I am the older one, I usually was the one who got in trouble by our parents. And even though she was smaller than I was, my sister could kick my ass. She had short but thick fingernails and she would dig them into my skin SO DEEP. The tiny crevasses she created didn’t really bleed so much as ooze a pink substance. And man, they hurt!

But I do have one scar from our childhood, that my sister actually didn’t give me. We were pillow fighting one night in my bedroom. I don’t remember if I was trying to avoid a thwack of polyester fiberfill, or winding up to smack her, but my eyebrow made contact with the corner of my white dresser. Like my sister’s fingernail digs, the ouchie didn’t gush blood, just icky oozy goo. And I had a dent right at the collision site.

And ever since, I can’t grow eyebrows in that one spot.

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  • Finn says:

    Oh my God. We must have been separated at birth. My brother and I did all those things. Except I don’t have a dent in head. But I did have a white dresser. 😉

  • It’s funny how easily entertained we are as kids. My sister and I used to do similar things. Like ‘bicycling’ against eachothers feet while laying on our backs. And then there was the time she laid on my feet and I ‘launched’ her with all my might. She broke her arm.

    I shouldn’t be laughing. I am laughing.

  • Sounds like your parents were able to save money on toys!

  • Sister says:

    Thank you for ruining my sweet image of being a delicate little flower. Come Christmastime, my nails will have grown out to the perfect “digging” length!!! I’m kidding, of course…don’t be scared.

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