November 3, 2007

Feet don’t fail me now!

Team in Training

This morning I got up at o’dark thirty to do a trial workout with Team in Training. I haven’t had any flare-ups of my psoriatic arthritis for a couple of years, and I think I am done with ingrown toenails so now I really want to try and do a half marathon. Joining Team in Training (abbreviated as TNT, rather than tea-eye-tea for obvious reasons) will allow me to train correctly for a race, while raising money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research. Today was the first long run of the winter season, so I thought I’d check it out.

The captains separated everyone into groups and we had our choice of how far we wanted to run and what interval we wanted to do. I chose to run three miles, doing the run two minutes, walk one minute interval since I’m just getting back into the running thing. I aligned myself with some women who also looked new, and would hopefully not smoke me on the trail. I was able to keep an even pace, and talk during the running portions. When the three miles were over, I thought “that wasn’t so bad.” So, my race on Thanksgiving should be a piece of cake, since it’s just a 5K.

While we were on our run, one of the mentors was telling me how to avoid that second day soreness. She recommended ice baths. GAH! To me, a soak in the tub should be relaxing, warm, and comforting. But I will try anything if it means I can avoid the inability to sit down like a normal person. So when I got home, I put on my bathing suit, a sweatshirt and a scarf and ran the cold water into the bathtub. I went to the freezer and pulled out the tray of cubes from the ice maker. Daphne came into the bathroom, as she usually does int he mornings, when I am getting ready. She was sniffing around, looking for spiders to kill, and thought there might be one hiding the the bathtub. So, just like every other day, she jumped into the tub to investigate.

Poor Daph instantly tried to jump back out, but unable to grasp hold to anything with her claws, she was slipping and sliding and splashing water everywhere. She managed to fling herself out of the chilly water and make spastic puddles on the bathroom floor while making her tasmanian devilesque exit. I was howling with laughter and Matte could hear it, but didn’t know what had me going, until he saw the rabid and pissed off kitty fly into the living room.

The ice bath wasn’t so bad, actually. Yes, it was freezing, but it was also hilarious. Me in the tub bundled up in a sweatshirt, drinking a cup of hot cinnamon tea, while shivering and reading the Johnny-Depp-as-Sweeney-Todd cover story inEntertainment Weekly.

I think the frigid dip in the tub was less traumatic for me than it was for Daphne. But at least her muscles won’t be sore either.

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  • Sandi says:

    That is too funny! Too bad you didn’t have a video handy. Would have been a hit on YouTube.

  • Saj says:

    I would have loved to see Daphne!

    When I was a student athletic trainer in Madison, I was at summer football camp with the team. We would have giant garbage cans filled with ice water for the players to climb into after practice. And keep in mind it was at least 85 degrees outside during practice! I thought they were crazy, but there must be something to it!

  • mere says:

    That is so funny! Poor kitty’s ego is probably stinging!

    Try taking vitamin C to break up lactic acid…I have heard it works, but I go the advil and complaining route instead.

    I wish I was gutsy enough to do a 5K!

  • Sarah says:

    I think you’re going to have to recreate the surprise ice bath sometime. I need video. Though I must admit the images in my head are also pretty hysterical 😉

  • Kathy says:

    So funny! Poor kitty.
    I think I would rather suffer until the soreness went away. You’ll have to update and let us know whether it worked or not. For Daphne’s sake, I hope it did.

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