September 4, 2007

I am sappier than a forest in Vermont

What is it about The Biggest Loser? Tonight’s episode is a reunion of sorts, where former Losers check-in at the scales to see if they’ve kept the weight off. One Loser is going to propose to his girlfriend (also a Loser). A marriage proposal does not make me cry. Not on this show. On this show, it’s the formerly obese individuals talking about what they overcame. I cry tears of joy for these people because I am proud of them. As someone who has struggled with their weight for 20-something years, I cry because these people inspire me. If they can lose 70, 100, 160 pounds, surely I can lose 10 or 20, or even 30. Can’t I?

Dammit, I want to be a loser.

**UPDATE** OK, the boy Loser proposed. His girlfriend got on the scale to show us if she’s kept the weight off, and instead of a number coming up, it was a message from him, professing his love for her.
And yeah, I’m crying. Jeez.

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  • Finn says:

    You’ll always be a great big loser to me… 😉 xo

  • You can do it! Keep in mind, you don’t have as much to lose as most of the losers. If you’re 300lbs and dieting/exercising there’s no where to go but thinner. When you’re 150lbs (I would never divulge my REAL weight ; ) it’s not as easy but not impossible.
    So, in order to make a long comment longer… I’m rootin’ for ya!

    Thanks for your sentiments on the Scoobs.

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