August 16, 2007

The Interview

Ali over at AliThinks has interviewed me. Because Ali is someone I admire as a writer, blogger, and photographer, I figured she’d come up with some good questions for me. And she did. Here’s what she wanted to know:

1) You used to live in Lexington. What brought you here?
I think it was United Airlines. I kid, I kid. What brought me there was a boy man boy. He left San Jose State to finish school in Richmond, KY, where he could graduate sooner. I decided after I graduated in 1992, that it was the perfect time to live somewhere else, having been in California my entire life. I lived in Kentucky for just over two years, where I worked at the University of Kentucky in the Department of Surgery (as an editor, not as a surgeon), and at Michael’s on Nicholasville Road, and I wrapped Christmas gifts at Fayette Mall, and I sold Avon, not all at the same time, but I did have more than 2 jobs at once most of my life in KY. Kentucky is also where I adopted my sweet kitty Jasper, in 1994. I highly recommend Animal Helpers in Versailles (at least I think it was in Versailles) if you’re looking for a feline friend.

2) And why didn’t you staaaaay? (whine)
Well, had I known that you’d show up just over 10 years later, I might have stuck it out. But, I didn’t stay because…the guy and I broke up. *I* broke up (although two years later, his nephew asked, “Why did Uncle John break up with you?”). Things were not going where I wanted to go, and so I came back to California and GAVE UP KENTUCKY WILDCATS BASKETBALL TICKETS. The ex’s sisters begged me to stay and even offered to find me a nice surgeon to date, but I came home, again on United Airlines, but this time with Jasper doped up under the seat in front of me.

3) How did you meet Matte?
Matte and I met at a local Irish pub. I was on a night out with my friend Krissy, and we were planning to meet up with her friend Alyssa. Alyssa brought Matte, and I found out she was doing so, just a couple of hours before my company picnic (Krissy and I worked together, and our company picnic was that afternoon). So, I showed up at the pub, dirty from water balloon toss contests and volleyball, and in walks Matte. Who knew I’d meet my future husband when I looked like such a grub? But Mom always said it would happen when I least expected it! Appropriately, Krissy and Alyssa were the officiants at our wedding.

4) What’s your favorite food? And can you prepare it yourself?
My favorite food of all time is tiramisu. I’m not sure I know how to prepare it because I have never tried. I can dial a mean phone and order it from our favorite Italian restaurant, and if it is on the menu wherever I am, I will order it. I should try to make it some day, huh? Or at least call my pastry chef sister over and watch her whip one up for me.

5) Do you have any big plans for your upcoming birthday?
Actually, I just decided that I will be hosting a virtual birthday party this year! This was not my idea. I stole it from Shephard who stole it from was inspired by Finn. Because everybody loves a party, right? And with this one, the gifts will cost you nothing because they’re virtual. If you’d like to play along, all you need to do is send me an email with a photo of what you would like to give me (the sky’s the limit!), or send an email describing your gift. Or you could write me a poem, or draw me a picture and email that to me. Oooh, or sing me a song and put the video on YouTube! Use your imagination. My email address is catheroo (at) gmail d0t c0m by August 24. I will post all of the gifts on my blog on August 25 (my actual birthday), and link to the gift giver. See? You get something back! (But if you’d rather remain anonymous, your secret is safe with me.)

So there you have it. Thanks for interviewing me, Ali! It was fun to find out what you wanted to know about me.

If you would like to play, leave me a comment asking me to interview you. The specifics are:
1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.” Bribery involving cookies is a good idea too.
2. I will email you five questions, so be sure to leave your email address in the little box when you leave a comment. I get to pick the questions, but they won’t involve your jean size, or anything else you wouldn’t want to admit.
3. Update your blog with a post containing your answers to my questions.
4. Include this here explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
And so on, and so on. FUN, yes?!?

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