July 23, 2007

OK, OK, so maybe I do watch too much TV, see too many movies, and read too much fiction

Today in my continuous quest to change my last name, I took a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles. And I learned my lesson the last time, when I went to the Social Security Administration Office to get my new card. This time, I had an appointment before I showed up at the office.

And the appointment? It worked like a charm. Fifteen minutes, in and out. Awesome. I even got to take a new picture for my license so I won’t look like I’m 18 anymore.

I had a weird thought though, when the clerk had me press my thumb into the scanner to check my fingerprint. The machine needed a few tries to scan the tiny lines on my thumb. For just an instant, I thought, “Oh, she’s going to tell me my thumbprint doesn’t match the one on file for me. Like someone stole my identity, and my one-of-a-kind thumbprint. I imagined her saying I’m sorry, you’re not Catheroo. I can’t process your license for you.” But then, just like that, it recognized me.

Whew. That was close.

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  • leslie says:

    Hello, Michele sent me. Congrats on SOTD!!

    I had SOOOO many problems when I changed my name last year. I made the appointment at ss, but then they lost my card in the mail, so I had to do it all over again. Then the DMV, then work, then my creditors, then the bank. It’s such a hassle, isn’t it??

  • In India, it takes ages to change anything. That to after running around too many times. Michele sent here.

  • Mike Davis says:

    Your last line really gave me a good chuckle. Thanks!

    Michele sent me!


  • Sarasmom says:

    Well thank goodness it was you!. Michele sent me. I will be back around later to see more. I am only up to page 515 in HP! Not sure how much longer I can avoid spoilers.

  • Hey Catheroo! I am here via Michele! You are a funny chick! Will definitely tune in for more and thanks for telling the BIG C where to get off. You wrote exactly what I was thinking and feeling when it took my dad 10 years ago. Miss him every day!!

  • Janet says:

    hehehe, yeah, it would be a pity to look 18 again 😉

    Hi, Michele sent me.

  • Tiffany says:

    I hate going to the DMV! Ours doesnt do appts. So you sit there and wait and wait and wait. I have learned to go as early as possible for the shortest wait time.

    Hi, Michele sent me 🙂

  • Finn says:

    Did you change your name because of marriage or did you just decide to change it? Because it was really easy when I got married. Really easy. Too easy.

    Michele sent me! Nice to meet you!

  • Bev says:

    Hello! Michele sent me. We happen to live in a “good” town for DMV appointments. At least so far!

  • Congratulations on being sight of the day…! Michele says HI! And so do I. Back in the day…I had to get a Cabaret License in New York City in order to be able to sing in nightclubs. You had to go to some police station downtown andd they took your fingerprints….It was scary and harsh. They called me back because they said I didn’t have GOOD Fingerprints….I was 23 years old! (lol)

  • barbie2be says:

    lucky girl! i had to go get a new picture for my license because i lost 200 pounds and even with my appointment it took almost two hours.

    congrats on SOTD! michele sent me.

  • Shoeaddict says:

    Here from Michele’s. Why are you changing your name? Yes, I’m nosy… I hated changing my name when I got married. I loved your letter to C.

  • archshrk says:

    Yup, appointments are your friend (when they work) If they still ignore you for an hour, you feel a little cheated.

    Hello, Michele sent me.

  • mrc1471 says:

    you can make an appt ! that’s awesome.. wish they had that here! here via michele

  • anne says:

    Hi, Michele sent me! I wish our MVA took appointments, that’d be nice.

  • Jenni says:

    You know you’re a complete dork, right? 🙂

    Who is this Michelle, and what is SOTD? I’d like to offer my congratulations, but since I don’t know what it is, I figured I would wait.

  • jsdaughter says:

    Wow – that was a close one lol! Glad it worked out. Michele sent me today- I’m glad she did. Your letter to cancer was very powerful…

  • jac says:

    hi! i dropped by on suggestion by michele. first, there is no such thing as “too much” tv, movies, or fiction! get that thought right out of your mind! just for a moment, wasn’t it fun to think you’d be like sandra bullock in that futuristic computer thriller movie? yep. me too!

  • Sandi says:

    Dang, don’t know who Michele is but she certainly has lots of friends!

    However, if you really were a movie buff, you would have thought your fingerprint had been faked, you had been given a secret identify by Russian spies, and you were really a queen of some far off land.

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