June 22, 2007

I will not take these things for granted

My dad’s surgery went well. The surgeon was a little surprised that his tumor was as large as it was (about grapefruit-sized and weighing in at 4 lbs), but he got the entire tumor out, and sealed him back up. Thankfully, my dad will not need to walk around with a colostomy bag during his recovery. This made him very happy when he found out and I think that alone will be a boost to his morale during this…to be able to go about his daily “business” as normally as possible.

When he was in recovery, I went in to see him. He was groggy, of course, but he was coherent enough to hold a conversation, and to mention something about calling Britney Spears (they have similar hairdos, since my dad recently shaved his entire head…and his bearded face. I do not think Brit suffers from excessive facial hair, but some believe she did play the “beard” in her relationship with Justin).

Pre-surgery, the tumor must have been causing him immense pain, because he feels awesome now. He needed almost no pain meds the first day after surgery, and the only time he hit his pain meds button was when the nurses suggested he do so because they were going to get him up out of bed. On a scale of 1 to 10 pain-wise, he said the highest he got was a 2.

He’s already been walking around. Without pain. Dude, my dad rules!

He wants to go home, of course, but I’m sure he’s entertaining his nurses with his crazy stories. I talked to him tonight and he said he’d been telling his new nurse about my wedding.

His surgeon removed some lymph nodes to biopsy and the results will tell us whether he will need chemo, and how much. Obviously I’m hoping he won’t have to deal with chemotherapy, but I think now, after the surgery was so successful, my dad will opt to do whatever comes next. His morale is great. He’s still got a long road ahead of him, but it’s hard to be depressed around such a cheerful patient. Plus, he kind of looks a lot like Don Rickles now, with his bald head and shaved face.

We’re hoping he comes home by Sunday, and we’ll have a big celebration, complete with his favorite foods. Pureed, of course. Yummy! If he’s not home yet, we’ll visit him in his sterile hospital room, and listen to his machines beep. That will also be fun. Because my dad will be there.

Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. My family and I really appreciate it, and if you could keep it coming, that’d be cool. Look for an open letter to cancer coming soon. I’m warning you right now, you with virgin ears (or eyes, I guess) might want to rent Reservoir Dogs to acquaint yourselves with the language.

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  • That’s very good news! Except, maybe, for the Don-Rickles look-alike part…. He’s lucky to have a loving family around him – that will definitely speed his recovery. And it sounds like he’s a fighter – that’s the most important thing. Keep us posted – we care about you and your family.

  • rvillaron says:

    Thanks for posting the update. I was anxious to hear how things went. As always, Shawn and I are sending good thoughts to you and your family (which now includes Matte!) and I hope to talk to you soon. 🙂

  • Allan says:

    What great news! Here’s to a speedy, and successful recovery.

  • Jenni says:

    I’m so glad it went well! I was worried about you guys, and this update relieved my fears. Sounds like your dad is an amazing patient too – which I’m sure pleases his doctors and nurses.

    All the best to you and your family. My family and I wil be keeping you in our thoughts, and hoping for a speedy recovery.

  • Em says:

    I’m so glad things turned out so well. Best wishes for his recovery!

  • Alison says:

    Glad to hear the good news! I hope that his recovery is quick.

  • Saj says:

    Your dad sounds like my dream patient-ready to get up and walking! I’m so glad things went well. I’ve been thinking of you tons. I wish I could be there to give you and Matte big hugs! I’m sure Noah and Caden would love to give some hugs, too!

  • Paula says:

    What a relief!!! Thank you G-d!!!!

  • Kristin says:

    I’m so glad to hear the surgery went well and your dad is in good spirits. I lost my mom at the age of 54 – three and a half years ago – and I share your hatred for cancer. I’ll keep your dad in my thoughts 🙂

  • Jeff's Place says:

    Glad to hear all went well! He sounds like a GREAT Dad!!
    Speedy recovery!! 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    Wonderful, wonderful news. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  • Denise says:

    Godspeed, friend!


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