April 1, 2007

Wedding plans…a brain dump

Matte and I have been planning like crazy, so I thought I’d fill you all in on some of our plans. I’m not a normal the knot dot com bride and much of what we’re doing can’t be found on the knot either. It’s just not us to do some of the more traditional stuff. For one, there will be no garter/bouquet toss. Also, I didn’t make personalized cards to ask my bridesmaids to be part of the wedding, which I guess is the appropriate way to ask (who knew!). We’re not doing personalized water bottles, or M&Ms with our names on them, or matches, or having a bride and groom topper on our cake. My dress isn’t white or ivory, or even a traditional wedding gown color. We wanted our wedding to reflect us, and be different.

Here’s a sample of what we have planned:

The color we chose for our wedding is purple and we are incorporating it throughout. Here’s a picture of my dress (Matte, no peeking!) and Matte’s suit.

I’m walking down the aisle to the theme from Star Wars because our wedding day is also the 30th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars (Episode IV).

Our first dance is to Magic, by Olivia Newton-John because we both love Xanadu (guilty pleasure).

Instead of flowers I will be carrying a bouquet of California produce, mostly garlic, artichokes (purple ones of course!), and grapes.

Because we are both geeks, our wedding will be broadcast over the web. We’ll be sure to post the info on our blogs ahead of time so you can log on and watch the ceremony!

This is the most nerve-wracking part. We’re tring to get Jasper and Daphne to be the ring bearer and flower girl, and have them walk on leashes down the aisle by my bridesmaids. Training has proven quite difficult. Jasper is good on the leash, but Daphne would rather tangle herself up in it and attack it. She might have to be carried.

Since we’re getting married at a winery, after we are pronounced husband and wife, we will take off our shoes and smash grapes in a barrel. If we can get enough juice, the owner of the winery said he’d try to make our very own vintage from it as a memento of our special day.

My sister is friends with the personal chef to the Mayor of San Francisco (yes, Gavin). Since it’s a Friday, and he’s available, Gavin agreed to be our officiant! I will have to try so hard not to drool.

Those are the only secrets I want to divulge right now. Must save something for the guests to discover!

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