March 20, 2007

Haphazard musings

Who was that masked man?
This morning on the way to the gym (at 5:30 am), a chubby animal waddled across the street in front of my car. Thinking it was someone’s beloved kitty cat*, I slowed down to avoid hitting it. It was a raccoon, headed for the open grate in the curb which, when I was a kid, always thought went out into the ocean. I wondered how he’ll get back out? (*This implies that if I had not thought it was someone’s pet, I would not have slowed down. This is entirely not the case. I love all nearly all furry animals.)

Damn, they sell EVERYTHING at Ikea!
Last night I dreamed (dreamt?) that Matte and I were packing up our things because we were moving. For some reason, our vessel of choice was tall kitchen garbage bags. Our bags were piled and ready to be taken to I don’t know where, except for one, that still needed to be closed with a twist tie. Something in the bag shifted, and Daphne got wide-eyed and curious. I let the bag fall open, and a tiny white mouse came out, followed by another one, and another. I thought “How did those get in there? I didn’t pack them!?” How they got into the bag suddenly became unimportant when I noticed they were wearing Ikea price tags.

So take, take me home
This morning on the way home from the gym, I almost missed my turn. The gym is close to the house where I grew up, and rather than turn left to head to my apartment, I stayed in the right lane, to go straight at the signal. I guess I was high on elliptical-enduced endorphins and I was sub-consciously driving to the house my parents sold years ago. Maybe I was craving some of mom’s chocolate chip waffles?

Oh, and one more thing…
Tomorrow is the first day of spring. And you know what that means. It’s time to get your Peep on.
03.19.07 - Chorus Line

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