February 22, 2007

With one breath, with one flow, you will know

In October of 1983, I went to my very first concert.* It was Day on the Green #3, presented by Bill Graham at the Oakland Coliseum. The bands on the bill were The Fixx, The Thompson Twins, Madness, Oingo Boingo, and the headliner, The Police. I believe our tickets were something like $17 and I think it was general admission. The show started at 2 pm or so and went late into the night. It was totally rad and tubular, and like, so awesome.

Shortly after the Synchronicity tour ended, the band dissolved.

Twenty-four years later, the Police are coming back.

To the Oakland Coliseum.

This time, Oingo Boingo, The Fixx, The Thompson Twins, and Madness will not be there.

But I will.

Last time, tickets were $17.

This time, they’re $225.

Back then, Sting was 32 years old.

Now he’s 55 (and oh so much hotter).

In 1983, my friend’s mom (who was the coolest mom), drove and chaperoned us.

This June 13, I’ll be there with my new husband.

This time, just like the last time, I’m so excited I could pee.

*I bought a Police t-shirt and wore it proudly until the blue, yellow, and red bands of color faded away. I wore the shirt when I saw the 1984 Olympic torch come through my city. I wouldn’t remember wearing the shirt then except I have a picture, taken with my mom’s Kodak DISC camera. Me, holding the Olympic torch like I am so cool, wearing a Police Synchronicity muscle tee.

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