February 15, 2007

Crisis averted

Remember that one time, when I wrote this and was all “my dress won’t be here until the end of April! GAH! And the bridesmaid dresses won’t be here until April? WAH! What to do? That’s so late!”


Apparently the bridal salon’s calendar runs a couple months fast. They called me this afternoon to tell me the dresses for my sister and future sister-in-law (my bridesmaids) came in. The saleswoman told me I could pick up the dresses whenever was convenient and then asked if anyone had called me awhile back to say my wedding gown was in. OMG! It was so hard to contain my excitement. Actually, it wasn’t hard because I thought for sure she was mistaken, and had me confused with someone else. I am so “glass is half-empty” I know, Matte, I know.

I high-tailed it over to the shop after work so fast, that as Matte imagined, there was a loud “poing” sound as I left a cartoon cloud of smoke behind me.

The glass continued it’s 50% void when I saw the dress hanging on the rack. Jeez, it’s so short. It looks like it’ll go just past my knees. They must have measured it wrong. But I did notice how freakingly gloriously beautiful and fabulous it is.

The nice saleslady took me into the dressing room and I tried it on.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for making me only five-foot-one.

My dress fits me abso-effing-lutely perfectly. Nothing needs to be done to it, except the bustle. No taking in, no taking out. Fits like a glove, people. Actually, better than a glove because those are always too long for my puny fingers, and I look like I have freakishly flat fingertips that can’t grab anything.

The salespeople, who are paid to ooh and aaah, did just that over the fit, the color, the style, and the shoes I brought to try on with it. (I’ve replaced these of course, because, as Matte says, I’m John Kerry with all the flip-flopping I do. But the new ones are way cooler. Like super cool. And hot. And sexy. OK, maybe not so sexy. But they are from shoe heaven DSW.)

It is a happy day, and I am drinking much celebratory wine because none of the girls in the wedding will have to show up naked.


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