January 31, 2007

Perfect Post for January ’07

I have awarded Open Entreaty to the Guy Sitting Next to Me on the Train, Chuckling to Himself for the Last Seven Stops at Cover Your Mouth When You Blog as the (as far as I’m concerned) Perfect Post of January ’07. It gave me a huge chuckle, as it will you. It also made me wish I took the train to work. You just don’t find material like this sitting in traffic on the freeway.

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January 29, 2007

Four years ago

Their relationship has all the qualities that people look for in a romantic partnership. It comprises undying devotion, unconditional love, unrelenting compassion, unwavering support, and unselfish acts.

Sounds like paradise and looks like it too (on paper). What fairy tales are made of. The Hallmark card of relationships. But don’t look for it in the Love section of the stationery store. Go to the Dysfunction aisle. One word was omitted from the list above that can no longer be ignored. Unrequited.

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Oh, this makes me sad

Barbaro Is Euthanized After Struggle With Injury

January 27, 2007

Photo Hunt #1: Silver

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Photo Hunt 1: Silver

This is my first entry for Photo Hunters. I almost didn’t do it because I couldn’t think of anything silver to shoot, and I wanted something a little different. While I was at the salon today, I took out my camera (yes, I take it everywhere), and took this self-portrait, while the color processed.

January 25, 2007

I am a winner!

The other day at work, I answered my phone and was greeted by a very cheery voice that informed me my business card had been chosen from countless others in a drawing to win a free lunch at Hobee’s. Hobee’s? I LOVE Hobee’s! And so do my friends.

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January 22, 2007

Back where it belongs


My engagement ring is back on my finger. For two weeks, it was not. I left it in Wisconsin. No, I’m not a forgetful idiot, I left it there on purpose so that a jeweler there could design a wedding band to go with it. But last week, we got it back, along with a wax version of a possible band design.

While my finger was naked, I was more focused in general, not having the shiny thing to distract me. But I missed the constant reminder of what it symbolizes because when I look at it, the “oooh! sparkly!” reaction is instantly replaced by a sense of calm.

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January 21, 2007

UPS is going postal

Has anyone else noticed that the latest UPS ads on TV use the tune Such Great Heights by…The Postal Service?

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