November 28, 2006

Tradition, schmadition

When we were visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, my mom gave me a comic she’d saved for me since it appeared in the October 1 comics section. It’s a “Close to Home” comic that depicts a wedding ceremony. The preacher-type person (who appears to be in pajamas) is standing between the bride and groom, who are both seated at small desks, typing away on their computer keyboards. The preacher is saying something about the couple sealing their marriage by Googling one another.

Ha. Yeah. That’s funny. I guess my mom thinks Matte and I spend a lot of time on our computers. I don’t see why she would think that. Weird.

Although I snickered and appreciated the sentiment, the comic doesn’t really suit our style. Our wedding won’t be like that, with the Googling. No way. That’s totally not us.

At our wedding, Matte and I will be seated with our laptops, which will be projected on two large screens, his Dell projected above his head and my superior PowerBook above my tiara-bedecked head. Our guests will watch, wiping away their tears of joy, as we IM our vows, complete with emoticons.

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