November 21, 2006

Anyone want to hear abour our wedding plans?

I’m sure you’ve been waiting at the edge of your seats. “When’s Catheroo gonna talk about wedding plans? I can’t get enough of hearing about wedding plans!”

I’m a people pleaser, so let me give you just a little scoop.

The date of our wedding is May 25, 2007. It’s a Friday night. Apparently Friday evening weddings are “in,” but we didn’t choose it because our finger is on the pulse of wedding planning. We chose it because 1) it was available at the winery we chose, 2) it’s the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, so our anniversary will always be at least near a 3-day weekend, and 3) it’s the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, so our out-of-town guests can enjoy some of Northern California before they need to head home. Although not considered during our planning and only discovered after we booked the date, May 25, 2007 also marks the 30th anniversary of the theatrical release of the somewhat unknown film, Star Wars. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

We will not be having a Star Wars wedding. R2-D2 will not be our ring bearer. C-3P0 will not be Matte’s best man. Chewbacca will not be our officiant. The ushers will not be Stormtroopers. I will not wear Princess Leia buns on the sides of my head, nor be escorted down the aisle by Darth Vader.

What else should we not have at our non-Star Wars themed wedding?

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