November 16, 2006


While tuned in to ABC-HD tonight, anxiously awaiting the series premiere of Day Break, starring Taye Diggs*, I was shocked to hear this on a commercial for a new game show:

“You’ve seen the waltz. The rumba, and even the mambo. But you’ve never seen…the SHAT.”

Did I hear that right? The past tense of the word shit? To describe Captain Kirk? Is this supposed to be clever? I thought ABC was owned by Disney. Let’s see…twitterpated, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, hakuna matata, zippity-do-dah, shat. Yeah. that word doesn’t fit so well.

But mostly, is use of this word in promos supposed to entice viewers to tune in to Show Me the Money when it fills the Dancing with the Stars time slot? Well, maybe if the show is shat-tastic, shat-stounding, and shat-rageous as the producers promise.

And lastly, is my mind just in the gutter toilet, or did you think what I thought?

*Whether or not Taye’s Groundhog Day-type show proves to be a good mid-season temporary replacement for Lost, the boy is hawt.

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