July 31, 2006

There are no words

I was just reading on Zach Braff’s blog about a recent episode of Dateline and I gotta speak. A 29-year old mother of 5 announced she had cancer, with only 9 months to live. Her friends and family rallied around her, supporting her financially by raising money to help pay her outrageous medical bills. They offered emotional support, standing by her, crying with her, and praying while she went through the ordeal. She posted regular updates at online support sites, describing her horrible chemo treatments and how sick she was. She also wrote that she was weakened by the illness, unable to eat, in terrible pain, vomiting blood, and experiencing other cancer-related atrocities. But that’s not the worst thing about this story.

She was lying.

Lying about having cancer.

She lied to her 5 children. Scared her sons into believing their mommy was going to die.

Can you believe this? I can’t put into words how despicable this is. I have never heard of anyone more manipulative or opportunistic. Having lost dear friends to cancer, I am incredulous…aghast…so effing…the word hasn’t been invented that describes how I feel about this woman.

There’s a special circle in hell for people like her.

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