June 23, 2006

Celebrating my last day of freedom

On Monday I start my new job. This has a been a week filled with cleaning, shopping, completing my photography class portfolio, shopping, cooking, and shopping. I thought I’d play all week, have lunches with friends, hang out at the pool and finish the book I’m reading. But there was no time. And today, the Summer of Catheroo ends.

Right now the washing machine is spinning my sheets, and I just ironed my duvet cover. Yes, I ironed it. No, I am not a crazy neat freak. I just want the purple and grey duvet cover to look its best so that when Matte sees that I replaced his blue one, he’ll be so astounded at the Martha Stewart-esque presentation, he won’t mind the switch.

I am baking chocolate chip cookies for our open house Sunday because we ate the batch I made a couple of days ago. Yes, they are that good. Even before they hit the oven.

And I am drinking sangria. I have to practice Ali’s recipe before I offer the nectar of the gods it to Sunday’s guests, don’t I?

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