June 16, 2006


Last night, as I slumbered, I felt a little tickle near the top of my forehead. Not so much a tickle, really. More of an itch. I groggily raised my hand up to brush aside the random hair, or whatever it was. My fingertips fell upon something round and firm, about the size of a peppercorn. I tried to wipe it from my head. Somehow, in my dream state, I suddenly realized I had no reason to have a peppercorn-like object on my head, so I reached up again to check it out. It was still there, but it would not just wipe away. I grabbed it, pulled it through the strands of my tangled hair, and flung it onto the blanket.

This morning I saw what it was. A spider. A big one. A big, dead spider. Oh, and it was bigger than a peppercorn.

A spider with a body larger than a peppercorn had crawled on me. ON MY FACE.
You’re all itchy right now, aren’t you?

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