June 8, 2006

I can’t believe I almost missed it!

All day today I’ve had the feeling I was forgetting someone’s birthday. I checked my Palm. Nothing. My Outlook calendar at work. Nope. I wracked my brain. Still, nothing.

But thanks to my main source of important facts, I finally found out who was born on this day. Apparently my skill for knowing useless information has diminished some. I mean, this man was a huge part of my life back in the day. My parents tried to convince me that he didn’t like girls, that I stood no chance, but I didn’t believe them. I remained faithful, hoping that one day he’d choose to be with me. So what if he wore lipstick and nail polish? What guy didn’t back then? He was a musician after all. He was just very artistic, and what better way to express his creativity than through his flamboyant ruffled shirts and pasty foundation? I still remember the way he pressed just one key on his keyboard and got so many different sounds to emit from it. I never knew how he accomplished such a feat. He was a genius in my own mind.

Oh how I loved you, Sweetie. I’m so sorry I almost missed your special day. Happy Birthday, from Mrs. Rhodes.

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  • Alison says:


    I loved Simon LeBon, but — get this — I talked to Nick Rhodes on the phone after their concert in Pittsburgh in 1984 or whatever. An acquaintance of mine had gone to the show (I wasn’t allowed! Boo!) and had gotten me a t-shirt. I was at her house the next morning to pick up said shirt, and she was calling all the hotels in Pittsburgh.

    So maybe the guy I talked to wasn’t Nick Rhodes. I didn’t care. He had an English accent, so I was thrilled. I still think it was him.

    And I still think Simon LeBon is hot. But…John Taylor is hotter, as seen from my “adult” eyes. And Happy Birthday, Nick. *sigh*

  • Cindy says:

    John Taylor IS hotter, definitely. And he may actually like girls.
    I think Allison would like to know that I was in an elevator with Simon once. I touched him a little bit, too.

  • I celebrate John Taylor’s birthday every year with a big cake. Then, I practice kissing a pillow, so I am prepared to make out with him when the opportunity finally arrives. I have had like, 20 years of practice by now, so I should be really good.

  • Shannon says:

    Oh, Cath, how funny! I was a Nick fan too! On April 4, 1984, I found out that Nick had gotten married to THAT BITCH JULIANNE! My life was OVER, OVER!!! I wrote in my journal that I would *never forget that date.* And sure enough, every April 4th, it takes me a few hours to recall just what you went through–why is this day so familiar? Why?! When it hits me, the embarrassment of my melodrama of that day is equal to the amusement that, indeed, I have *never forgotten that date.*

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