June 6, 2006

Where’s this headed, and why the handbasket?*

As today is June 6, 2006 (aka 6-6-6), I am maxing out my credit cards. Please leave your wish list in the comments. It’s on me. Because with the coming apocolypse (I’m guessing it’ll arrive after business hours?), I won’t have to pay off the bills. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some miles to put on my new Italian sports car.

Just to clarify…that whole end-of-the-world thing does happen today. Right?


If not, uh…could someone loan me a few hundred thousand dollars because DAMN it! I’m in some serious trouble here.

*Courtesy of Peter Mulvey. Is it courtesy if I used it without asking first? I can ask him tonight, at Don Quixote’s. Because I’m going to see him, for the second time in a week. Nice Wisconsonian. (Wait a minute…that’s redundant.)

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