April 17, 2006

Are they serious?

Sometimes I like to visit the Pit of Despair known as It’s fun to see how impossible it is for me to ever buy a nice house around here. Recently I happened upon this gem:

Now, I don’t normally like listings without photos, but in this case, I might have preferred the omission. Didn’t anyone suggest that the owners remove their cars from the front lawn for the photo? Or are the cars included in the FIVE HUNDRED SEVENTY THOUSAND dollar pricetag for 848 sqare feet? Hmm. The listing says “guest house.” Perhaps that refers to the yellow truck?

I suppose it doesn’t really matter anyway. Sale is already pending, so I missed out. Darn.

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  • Meredith says:

    As a real estate agent, I will agree with your opinion. MOVE THE GODDAMN CAR! At the very LEAST pick up your laundry, make your bed, clean the dishes in the sink and TRY to act like a human instead of an animal. There are houses I have had to look at that actually make me retch.

  • Meredith says:

    But how glad are the neighbors that they are leaving?

  • Laura says:

    Ok, the location has to be outstanding if they can get away with a price and picture like that one.

  • Shannon says:

    I encountered stuff like this on my house hunt here in Seattle, also an overpriced market. And because of the housing frenzy, many people did not bother to clean up or make anything look nice since they knew they would sell instantly. We looked at one house that smelled like dog/cat pee throughout the *entire* house, which was three floors. It was nauseating and they acted like nothing was wrong.

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