April 11, 2006

Self-portrait Tuesday

self-portrait tuesday

I can’t even afford to pay attention.

I just checked the filing status of my tax return.

My federal return? The one for $2? It was rejected by the IRS.


As I clicked around to investigate this snafu, my optimistic self hoped a message would appear on my screen that said “A kind benefactor has generously donated $2 in your honor. Pass GO and collect $200.”

But my version of TurboTax didn’t come with Community Chest or Chance cards.

Alas, I would not get a bye this year after all.

My return was rejected because the carbon entity barcode social security number I entered did not match the one assigned to the name on my tax return.

What? No way.

Couldn’t be. Nuh-uh.




Clearly, I am an Idiot.

Seems I accidentally entered part of (e)’s phone number instead of my SSN. And I had to stare at the mistake for a long time before I saw it.

Hey, I never said I was good with numbers.

Now if you’ll excuse me, My Jessica Simpson CD is skipping on my record player…again.