April 4, 2006

Self portrait Tuesday

self-portrait tuesday


T-shirt from fussy.
Nikon Speedlight (so my head is not replaced by obnoxious flash-bouncing light) borrowed from (e).

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  • Alison says:

    What’s your t-shirt say? Writing words is the best revenge?

  • Schnozz says:

    Wow, bouncing the flash off the walls already! I’m impressed. You were totally faking you need for photog advice just to make friends with me, weren’t you??

  • (e) says:

    HEY!! credit where credit’s due. that’s MY flash. and I was teaching her to rotate it. jeez. 🙂 okay. I feel better. now that it’s not about me anymore… heh, j/k

    she was very good last night. trying all sorts of different shots. soon, she’ll be as good as spencer tunick. 🙂

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