March 6, 2006

actually, pimpin’ seems pretty easy compared to this

holy crap. did you see the story about the southern illinois university cheerleader who fell during a routine? she fell 15 feet. she landed on her head. she fractured her neck. doctors expect a full recovery. thank goodness.

this little 18-year old has so much spirit, she continued the arms portion of the routine to the SIU fight song even as they rolled her off the court on a stretcher. at first I thought it was just plain silly. cheering after such a terrifying fall. that feeling only lasted until the lump formed in my throat. because how adorable is she?

oh, and in case you’re wondering, SIU went on to win the game. against bradley, which happens to be the boy’s alma mater.

msnbc has the story here.

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  • (e) says:

    damn dogs. 🙁 the team is the “salukis”. that’s a breed of dog. a prissy lookin’ dog. wtf. what kind of name for a team is that. like the stanford cardinal, cardinals… erd… red things. whatever. I don’t dislike any stanford team, it’s just a weird name.

    I luh-huv dogs, but frelling salukis are a thorn in my side. hope you are attacked by some wildcats from kentucky and have your prissy little tails bit off. 🙂


  • Cindy Lou says:

    I think that’s silly, doing the arms part while being carried out on a stretcher.
    I’d be crying and asking for some drugs.

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