February 7, 2006

you’re gonna pay for this!

(somewhere in america, friday, february 10, 10 p.m.)

dude 1: yo, that was a @#$%in’ funny ass show, b.
dude 2: yeah, @#$%in’ hilarious when the cousins got married. and when justine bateman almost kissed jason bateman. hot.
dude 1: hot if you’re from appalachia. that’s incest, dawg. now portia is hot. I’d hit that.
dude 2: good luck bro, she likes chicks. ellen degeneres.
dude 1: even better. threesome, dude! hey, check tivo. when’s it on again?
dude 2: it says no upcoming episodes. what the @#$%, yo?
dude 1: aw shit. now I remember. I heard something about it being canceled. moving to cable or some shit.
dude 2: we’re gonna have to pony up some bucks for showtime?
dude 1: I think we have it in the pole dancing fund.
dude 2: you on crack? do. not. touch. the pole dancing fund!
dude 1: well what then? we can’t afford to add showtime. our cable bill is already heinous.
dude 2: I guess we’re hosed then.
dude 1: yeah. sh!t.
dude 2: f#$%in’ a, dude.

what you have just witnessed is a small sample of what will happen in households all over america friday night as arrested development‘s final episode airs. four final episodes, in fact. after this, it’s all gone. except on showtime (if they decide to pick it up). whatever the case, the ratings are too low for fox to continue airing it.

see what you did? you should be ashamed of yourselves.
unless you are a loyal viewer. then you rule. and I feel your pain.

roominate on this yourself