January 25, 2006

looking for lisa loeb’s love (or wookin’ pa nub wit’ wisa woeb)

my new favorite show (ok, so I have like 10 favorite shows) is #1 single on e! it’s a reality show starring lisa loeb and follows her on her hopeful path out of singledom. lisa is utterly a-freaking-dorable. she’s so sweet and cute and funny; so much like me. seriously though, I can relate to her plight as she suffers the same agonies that I did: being in my 30s and single, getting set up with doofi (that’s plural for doofus), feeling lonely, wondering about the future, searching for that someone special, and talking to mom about it all. she recalls to her mom when she’d be at a party and see “older people” there and she’d think how unfortunate they were to not be married yet. now she realizes that she’s one of those people. and the tears come. dude.

the premiere episode ended with her moving from los angeles to new york. on her flight she’ll meet a guy she got matched up with on airtroductions.

I hate the word refreshing, but that’s the best word I can use to describe this show. it airs sundays at 10 pm, but e! replays it several times throughout the week for those of you with a grey’s anatomy conflict.

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